The last time infanticide was preached as a Divine Right was King Herod’s.



Correct me if I’m wrong, yeah?




contraception, yeah?




The Pill, yeah?



Condoms, yeah?




The morning-after pill, YEAH??


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  1. You forgot to also offer, ‘close your fucking legs you tramp’

    This is one of those things that gets me incandescent with rage…

    I despise the fact that they call themselves ‘pro-choice’ as they are too afraid to call themselves what they really are – pro-abortion (or murdering scum, perhaps).

  2. yeah, I put this as ‘pending review’ for a while following an unfortunate FB post when drunk last night that I had to delete. I’m even worse on there. Your comment makes me think ‘publish and be damned’.

    No humans were harmed during the production of this post.

    DNA tests on unborn fetuses show they have a discreet DNA to both mother and father. Therefore, not actually your body.

    To be honest, I don’t think this site is likely to get me laid any time soon.

  3. To hell with it (and them), mate – it’s your blog so you can say what you want. Perhaps wait till you’re in until you introduce the ladies to the site!

    There was an article on the indy website (http:/ / recently giving some experiences of women that have killed children that they were carrying.

    One is genuinely sad, but I can’t believe the last one: completely self-absorbed and shameful, if you ask me.

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