International Women’s Day

In honor of International Women’s Day, I decided to have a wank over UK Prime Minister Theresa May.

Sadly, it just went all floppy.

To be honest the whole thing is nonsense and you should ALL be ashamed of yourselves.

Celebrate people for what they do not what they are born with. If they don’t do much but maintain sanity and compassion in a world gone crazed by psyop then celebrate that too.

Celebrating women just because they are women and because the United Nations demands it is demeaning to women, men and anyone else. It is just Divide and Rule- an old trick I am surprised people* fall for every time.

Fuck the UN and, while we’re at it, fuck the CIA, Mossad and MI6 too. We know you are a bunch of losers who only get hard and/or moist sniffing your mama’s laundry basket. Write THAT down in your Langley / Cheltenham notebooks.



I’d like to apologise to potential readers from Langley and/or GCHQ (you know who you are!) for suggesting you can possibly only get aroused these days by rummaging through your mum’s laundry bin.

No doubt a few of you get off on sniffing your old man’s jockstraps.


* By which I mean ‘average’ people- i.e. a bit too thick and conformist for their own good.

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