Kite Head

You flew so high/ so far/ so fast
that you were destined to burn
caught out in this cruel world
this cool world
to become an asteroid
kicking up dirt and light
before life’s sly seductive promises
petered out in the wildernesses
before life cut into our fantasy worlds
we both shared this dream-
to tiptoe on the switchblade edge
before gravity could work out our little game
and declare it impossible
we both shared this dream of flight
but my string became tangled
and snagged in branches-
was cheated to death
by high voltage pylons
where it burned and snapped
and spilled back to earth
appalled at its own conduct
and at what it was conducting
we both flew through the clouds
but my string became knotted
reached the end of its tether-
your string was much longer, however
it kept reeling out
to an infinite length
letting you higher and higher
Now I lie here
on the dew-soaked
glass-choked grass
searching the skies for a hint of you
for a red speck in an expanse of blue
knowing you are soaring through the space
between planets and clouds / between trees and birds
and nothing will return you now
not even words.


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