Looney Choons

There’s a recent internet story, expounded on by jimstonefreelance and others, that somebody is playing with the timeline and therefore various anomalies are occuring.

So far these glitches in the matrix have been puzzling. Some remember things as always having been like this while others distinctly remember a time where some things were different.

Some examples:

  • Berenstein Bears became Berenstain Bears
  • Sex in the City became Sex and the City
  • Interview with a Vampire became Interview with the Vampire
  • Looney Toons became Looney Tunes

The last is a recent addition to this list, so I decided to google for artefacts of the previous name before things got updated.

I’ve taken photos of a few anomolies, which I will share below.

First, if you google for ‘looney toons’, it will take you to a search result whose preview shows ‘Looney Tunes’. Hence it was always ‘Tunes’ and not ‘Toons’ and your memory must just be faulty, right?

If so then why does the heading for ‘Adaptations’ show ‘Tiny Toon Adventures (1990)’?


These photos are taken of my iPad screen with an iPhone.

Further down, one of the search returns is for ‘Exploring the Hidden Racist Past of the Looney Toons’:


Note that in the preview of the article, ‘Looney Tunes’ is referred to. If so, then why ‘Toons’ in the headline? Even the most cursory of proofreads would spot that.


At the bottom of google’s search page we can see a list of related searches. All of them point to ‘Toons’ searches and not ‘Tunes’:



Why might this be?

Just google algorithms? If so, why do all related searches appear as ‘looney toons’ and not ‘tunes’?

Searching again more recently, I grabbed the following page, dated June 8, 2010:


Link here.

Some are speculating that these anomolies are merely the result of flawed memory but this loses credence when so many people are having the exact same “What the fuck?” reaction to one of these ‘glitches in the matrix’ or other.

More exotic theories point to somebody tampering with the timeline, proof that we are living in a simulation and can be therefore controlled at will.

If ‘they’ have discovered a way to manipulate the time stream so that they re-record reality in the minds of most, yet not some, then we truly are screwed.

How depressing.

It could, of course, be a psyop being conducted on a fairly huge scale. If the same Cabal who own the media companies together with large chunks of the internet will it, they doubtless have the power to change the information being recorded digitally. But they always miss some loose ends in the change. For example, a rummage around the Wayback Machine will show some ‘Berenstein Bears’ pages from 14 or so years ago.

Undermining the idea that it was merely Them with their dastardly internet / mind scrubbers are the existence of tangible items from the past which have also undergone a mysterious name change. People have VHS box sets labelled ‘Sex and the City’ from back in the day and thankfully I don’t now know any of these people.

Whether the shadow government has the resources to fund countless break-ins to switch VHS covers worldwide and simultaneously or time streams have genuinely changed, who can say.

I’m sure Interview with the Vampire has changed, however- and recently too. And I’m pretty much convinced about ‘Toons’.

But maybe that’s just being Looney.


On a recent >ahem< fact-finding trip to Pattaya, I saw this T-shirt advertising a Sex in the City themed bar called ‘Sexy in the City’. Not ‘Sexy and the City’:




Jim Stone’s article from here:


Is the Matrix breaking down?

This is an important topic, because if someone is playing with the timeline, ALL BETS ARE OFF.

I am getting creeped out by a few things . . . . because

It is Berenstein Bears, not Berenstain bears.
It is Sex in the City, not Sex and the City.
It is Looney Toons, not Looney Tunes.
Nelson Mandela really did die in prison years ago.
And the Jesus statues in Brazil and Peru really were 300 feet tall, not all less than 120 feet.

In the case of Looney Toons, their timeline wipe had a flaw due to something the time tweakers overlooked.


There is supporting evidence still existing that Looney Toons really was always TOON, not TUNE, and it is the movie “Who framed Roger Rabbit”, which still has “toons” and “toon town” which, at the time, was a direct take off on the “Looney Toon” name. Fraudulent stories are already being hatched about it always being “tunes” because the first animations were to support the soundtracks, but this is a troll lie because THE FIRST “TOONS” WERE SILENT, and any music (in very nice theaters of the time) was provided by an orchestra at the front of the theater below the screen. It always was about the animations, which were much more difficult to achieve than recorded sound which existed long before sound hit film, and further busting the “tune” lie are two things – the music was usually classical songs, and “tunes” is post world war 2 slang for a collection of songs.

It always was “looney toons” because they were CARTOONS. Pretty obvious there, with at least a small amount of supporting evidence remaining behind in “Who framed Roger Rabbit”. If even that changes and it becomes “tune town” we will have a perfect bust on reality tweaking.

Yet, now, when you try to search things out, things we always knew are now different, and even the print is back dated, to prove we are all “nuts”. And it is creepy. As far as I see it, there is only ONE WAY this could all be happening – we are living in a simulation and A. – we can be dragged from one version of the simulation and dropped into another where things evolved slightly differently, or B. – there is only one simulation, and people within that simulation have figured out a way to go back into the simulation, to an earlier time within it, and change things. Who Framed Roger Rabbit staying the same points to this as the most probable – time traveler tampering with our perceived reality and they missed that detail, if it always was “Looney Tunes” Roger Rabbit would have lived in tune town. Looney Tunes did it for me, and there is nothing looney about it at all.

This is an important topic, because if someone is playing with the timeline, ALL BETS ARE OFF.

UPDATE: Disneyland still has their version of Toon Town as well.



Mandela effect: aj wrote:

,,,2016-08-19 23:37:01″This guy needs your complete overview on the changing-history situation. Glad to see once again that you’re usually so ahead of “stuff”? professorconfess.blogspot.com/2016/08/mandela-effect-rising.html Thanks for all. aj”

My response: I did not watch the video. However, I did an extensive investigation of the “mandela effect”. Nelson Mandela died in prison in 1991, that is a cold hard fact. The media then resurrected him for whatever reason. After succeeding with this, Google gave it a shot and started screwing with everything – Berenstien bears was the first anyone noticed. This is all AI, and reality has not changed. If you find an old original book from decades ago, the cover will not be changed and it will say Berenstein. The bust came when C3po had a silver right leg. I caught Google in the process of changing it, the AI was actually able to over write all the pictures people put up and replace the all gold leg with a silver one. However, if you get an old VHS tape or video laser disc, the leg will be gold from episode 4 to episode 6. Additionally, all the toys from the 80’s have C3po being all gold. Only the internet and later video releases on DVD and Blu Ray have the leg being silver. And no, it is NOT continuity errors or the source of “star wars trivia for afficianados”, those takes are fraudulent also, 3po really was ALL GOLD ALL THE TIME.

I spent the time to ferret this out and bust it completely, from pirate videos with the old colors compliments of a guy I call “movie pimp” who sells pirates just down the street from here, and old used toys Mexicans sell in swap meet type markets here.

Bottom line? The Mandela effect is a FRAUD being launched on the web and in the MSM to make people question their reality, and knock people off balance. It is all BULLSHIT, there is not a parallel time line or merged universe or anything else of the sort, it is all a FRAUD. The world is the same world we have always lived in, THE TOYS ARE THERE TO PROVE IT, and you can’t argue with “movie pimp”.

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  1. I am 100% sure i remember Looney Toons growing up. I never noticed the change until this article. You have seriously blown my mind. All of your points are completely valid.

    keep making us uncomfortable.

  2. The theaters were also gold vaulted ceilings with castle like interiors and would often have an organist who would play music but it was usually classical pieces not exactly matching the film but still fun to hear.

  3. The people in charge think they can make their little socialist utopia work so they will defend it with any means necessary.

    The democrat party’s animal mascot is the jack ass and their motto is “The end is the means” or however that saying goes as I get sayings weird all the time so please don’t make fun of me.

  4. I would never make fun of ANY of my readers. I only take pot-shots at the powers that shouldn’t be. Maybe you’re thinking of ‘the ends justify the means’ which is a truly disgusting way to live your life.

    Peace, love, respect.

  5. Occult. Transparent attempt to turn things upside down. L. Ron, Parsons, Disney. Nice group. Now I’ll go watch some “I Like Lucy” reruns. Friggin idiots.

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