Low Tide

Myeik, Myanmar at low tide.

I spent 10 months there and some say I nearly went mad there (it was the spider and gecko saying that- left far behind, now, thanks! Ta-TA!


Others, however, point to this very blog as evidence that I really went bonkers years ago. To them I say- or rather try to ‘rap’ in a quite embarrassing way (-I’m trying to break into the middle-aged white rapping game now that Eminem has nothing left to say):

Some people call me bonkers
Me, I just think* I’m free


Anyway, here’s a lovely new charcoal picture from a photo I took last year.

No, I have no idea what the thing in the centre is either but it was made of wood.

As for the mudflat itself, I thought I’d go with random subliminal psychedelia rather than the actual shallow pools and drainage systems which would, let’s face it, have been a pain to draw in accurately.


*I’m not at all free of course and neither is anyone else no matter what we think. It’s not called ‘free dumb’ by accident, although the different spellings may lead you to think otherwise.**




**actually, it probably is just an accident. 



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