Madonna (again)

Nocturnal Sex Fiend writes:

I met this old chap in the Duck last night. He’s been drinking there for a few months, just never said hello.

Anyway after about 8 pints I said hello and got chatting: the usual drunk, late Friday crap.

He’s an actor, working locally. He looked the type. Strange features.

We were talking about work & in conversation he told me that Madonna sucked his cock on a gig back in the day(remember we were drunk).

I was stunned & didn’t believe a word but, he produced evidence.

A digitised picture on his phone of her tongueing the tip of his cock laughing.

He had several photos but that was the definitive proof.

Shots of her riding him.

He was a lot younger & so was she. He says they were taken in the 80’s.

Fucking mad! I heard she was a slut but Polaroids.

She had no shame. She did everything with pretty much everyone.

I’m gonna ask for a copy of those photos.

The one with the tip of her tongue in his JapEye must be collectable as well as valuable.

She’s got a big grin on her face. There’s no mistaking it’s her.

She was hot back then. I wouldn’t have minded a shot on that & I bet she was filthy. 15, maybe 20 minutes is all I require for satisfaction.

She’d be up for the most disgusting of all the crude, vulgar perversions.

She would teach & I would be a keen, devoted student. I’d be a dry sponge sucking up her aberrant knowledge.
You’d definitely required a durex extra safe. Maybe double up & wear 2.

Chances are he’ll tell me to F off when I ask but if I catch him whilst inebriated I might get lucky. He’s a daily drinker, down the duck 5 days a week.

A hard bitter & whisky man. He’s been drinking 40 years & you can tell via the hard lines & sunken cheeks.

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  1. Legit story. Backed up here: with some lively comments. It may offend some but is meant to be taken with a pinch of salt.

    Keep up the important work you do here. I sometimes wonder if I wander in a dream when out and about. The state of the public in this country is shocking. We are in a great deal of trouble. Cheers.

    (Sorry I’d rather not leave my email, what with all the shenanigans going on right now).

  2. Fair play with the email thing. Things are getting quite nasty. I’m honoured you consider this important work. It’s not for me to say. I’m just relentlessly taking the piss out of power and will continue to do so as long as I am able or until society fundamentally becomes more just. I’d like the latter but it probably isn’t happening so.. erm.. more MYU I suppose . Cheers!

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