Mind the Generation Gap

Ok, first of all- do you even blame my generation for not panning out when, as a group, we never even worked out whether it should be ‘X’rs’, ‘Xers’, ‘Gen Xers’ or ‘Xs’?

We were fuckulated at birth- the Jilted Generation between the exalted Boomers (ALL cunts- sorry, auntie) and the smug Millenials who are now realising that ahahahaha they’ve lost it TOO and are themselves totally irrelevant in the big storm sewer of history.

There’s a very brief moment in everyone’s life- about 20 or 21- when you thing “Fuck. That’s it. The final generation. The World is Ending. It makes perfect sense. WE are IT.”

Then people keep having babies and children and you quickly realise that that was just an illusion based on youthful naivety, the impossibility of physical decay and hopefully experiencing a lot of meaningful events socially, spiritually and sexually.

But let’s face it, at 20, unless you’ve managed to already disable the self-hatred the system builds into you on a fundamental level (MDMA is very helpful here) then you’re probably NOT getting on with all the wonderful opportunities being so young and fuckable could offer.

Instead, you’re probably depressed about Trump and the future and would be cutting your arms if that wasn’t so passe and last-decade.

Anyway, the topic is not Millenials vs Generation Xs. We’ve BOTH been screwed.

By whom?

The fucking BOOMERS, that’s who.

Oh yeh she may be your grand aunt shuffling for groceries and cutting out coupons. She’s still an evil cunt who self-served her way through the 70s and 80s. (Probably).

Oh yeh he may be some wacky old greeter at a hardware store THESE days but back in 1983 he had a mullet and a Donkey Kong obsession that renders everything now as redundant and hey.

Even the redundant boomers get pensions!

How do you like THAT?

The sooner they’re all dead the better (except the ones I like).

Okay, quick comparison between Boomer wannabe’s and people from Gen X who ACTUALLY ACHIEVED (not that anyone before OR since has even given a fuck):

NEITHER Doctor Feelgood NOR Doctor Hook had any medical qualifications AT ALL.

Yet Gen X Judge Jules has not ONLY a degree in Law but also a basic qualification in First Aid at Work.

That said, his First Aid certificate expired in 2015 so he WOULD have to re-certify technically, to prevent the risk of being sued.

Even so, it wouldn’t matter to me if his skills were a bit rusty. So long as he wasn’t out of his mind on ecstasy and crack when performing CPR or whatever.

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