Mind War #1

As we are likely to see more of this kind of fakery in coming days and as I am currently not interested in entertaining but in educating, here is a BS meme that was shared on my Facebook feed today:


This is an example of a fake meme designed to enrage people.

There is no record of ‘Alyan Ghazwan’ as they are both given names which, taken together, mean ‘one who climbs upwards to conquer’.

This picture was that unfortunate Cuban kid Elian Gonzalez back in the day.

How did I unpick this?

A search engine, obviously.

I use duckduckgo.com as it doesn’t track or censor your searches.

I typed in “Alyan Ghazwan” and it returned zero hits.

I then typed in: Alyan meaning of

It returned a page that said “Alyan is an indirect Quranic name for boys that means “one who climbs upwards

Step-by-step here (and I don’t wish to patronise my regular audience) I then typed in: Ghazwan meaning of 

and I got the information that

Ghazwan is an Arabic name for boys that means “raider”, “attacker”, a person who takes part in a raid or attacker.

If you go a teeny bit Sherlock Holmes on these things rather than responding to what you see with emotional indignation, things are all a lot clearer.

A fake meme, then, which presents a hidden truth: “One who climbs upwards to attack / raid / conquer.”

The people creating these memes know exactly what they are doing and looking at things in a little bit of depth (difficult when you are emotionally enraged) reveals this.

We are in an age of total Psyop mind war. Get used to it.

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  1. They really do like to mock us eh?

    Hmmm will the collective conscious realise?

    If so they’re in a lot of trouble.

    I wonder what meme will be next.

    Keep up the good work old chap. Love your blog x

    PS trying to post and got this little cryptic message:

    Not Acceptable!

    An appropriate representation of the requested resource could not be found on this server. This error was generated by Mod_Security.

    Maybe that was the new meme. K’n ‘ell.

    • hmm. weird. could be a security plug-in I enabled. you should be able to post comments with no problem now.

      cheers as ever x

    • Ok not hungover on this reply. Time zone stuff.

      Yes, the mocking is an instrinsic part of psychopathy / narcissism. They love to gloat about getting one over on us stupid empathic norms.

      I’d like to think they’re becoming more exposed and in many ways they are. At the same time they’re turning up their defence systems to full- Project Fear and any way they can destroy what remains of the middle class who are their only real threat.

      Fuck em eh. THe one thing they can’t deal with is humour. They just don’t understand it. It puzzles them but they quickly move on to other things.

      Am glad you enjoy what I post. Very happy I have people who stumble here one way or other and come back. It’s clearly not for everyone though the readership is growing slowly and steadily and I take some pride in that.

      Thanks for being supportive, basically. If you know of other contrarians who might like a dose please pass it on. I will be writing more than one-sentence posts again quite shortly (two weeks until I leave this jungle backwater).

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