Mind Gorilla

So I’ve been listening to that John Lennon.

Mind Games, he calls it.

I’ll post a link in case you don’t know the song in question.

In it he categorically and repeatedly (to the point of tedium, frankly, like he’d run out of words) states “You just can’t beat on the mind gorilla” but that’s not true.

In Africa last year, I got to beat a gorilla repeatedly on the head with a baseball bat.

Mind you, he was drugged and in a sack.

Whatever the David Attenboroughs of the world may tell you, it was great fun.

If gorillas had only evolved or something we wouldn’t have to deal with these situations.

It was just $50 and I have posted an enthusiastic review on Trip Advisor.

I, for one, will be glad to see the back of all these under achievers and if you’re worried by their seemingly-scary fangs then don’t be.

All they eat is grass, some fruit and that’s about it.

They’re not harmful at all once they’ve been drugged and tied down.

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