Moob Lube Tube

Although I need to write this post before I forget about it, somebody is currently chatting to me about the potential death of someone they know’s sister.

It’s tragic but I’d rather tell you about the awesomeness of MOOBS! right now so will doubtless re-edit to make this entry better (consider this an Easter Egg, regular readers! When this bit is edited out you may well remember a time when this page looked a little bit different.)


Picture THIS, fuckers.

Instant boner material.

Especially for the girls.

And the gay guys.

And even you cisgender straights who are currently buy curious and thinking about chugging the cock.




get this:











Checked it out with a male friend earlier. He’s straight, but rather thespian so who knows.

I identify as such also (straight but theatrically curious) but whatever right.

It’s all just a label.

I said something like this yeah (me in blue. Not that I’m a Tory or Democrat or anything- it’s just a default colour on Messenger). His name is blocked for now but I am fully-prepared to unmask him as the vile pervert he doubtlessly is should he object to me objectively making him an object in this bit. (Lovely bloke but a bit of a cunt all the same. Legendary temper tantrums):

















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