Morbid Humour

img_1469Nocturnal Sex Fiend Writes:

Have you ever spent the day at the morgue? It’s a grown up expensive fun ride.

Of to the registry to get certified.
Onto the coffin floggers to be patronised into an expensive coffin & a flashy service.
Onto the priest for a chat, onto the council to buy a plot.
Relatives & vultures.
The police.
It’s a fucking trip.
It’s alright for the dead. Selfish cunts.
Lieing there in pancake with a smug grin. Chill in’.
Why can’t the dying just vanish, vaporise like obi-Wan Kenobi?
A right pain in the arse.
Usually they spend months or years moaning before they turn pop green, create smell & leave a stain.

I’m spending Christmas in the morgue.

All day.
The stiffs & I in peace. On a slab.
New year, the crematorium.
Ho ho ho.
Merry Christmas ?

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