Musical Doof

Somewhere out there tonight, Musical Youth are gigging. A back room of a pub in Slough or a lock-up garage in a South London back street.

Now re-badged Musical Middle-aged People, the lies they told on Blue Peter have taken their toll.

As Brummie kids, they once sang

Pass the dutchie on the left hand side

and claimed this was how people ate in Africa:

However, far from being some kind of innocent Ethiopian cooking pot as they then claimed, a ‘dutchie’ was actually a cannabis pipe. Or a spliff. One of the two.

They really shouldn’t have lied to Simon Groom like that, even though both him and his dog were shit compared to John Noakes and Shep.

Karma’s a bitch.

I hear it’s a crack pipe and not a dutchie they pass on the left-hand side these days and what was once a five-piece is now just a duo. Handy if you want to get your hands back on the crack pipe pronto but useless otherwise.

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