My Creepy E.P.


Following a request from a friend, here are some more of the tracks I have recorded as repetitivebeast.

I will also explain some of the thinking behind the tracks.

I know, I know. Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.

But hey. Whatever.

Right-click on the song title if you prefer to download than stream..

1. All To Do With Colour

2. The Chips and Burgers Song

3. Giddy Goons

4. Chopper


1. Samples were taken from the BBC’s excellent documentary about the history of LSD, The Beyond Within. It’s unfortunately transcoded from AAC to MP3 cos I can’t find the Reason file right now.. sorry about that!

–  –

2. Samples were taken from one of ITV’s awful endless Holidays from Hell type programmes that so clogged up the airwaves in the early noughties. Maybe they still do- I refuse to watch TV these days as it is mind control.

–  –

3. Giddy Goons was originally going to be part of a concept album detailing every single stage of Don Bluth’s legendary video game Dragon’s Lair. But when I realised that would mean making 26 different tracks, I suddenly decided I couldn’t be arsed. But hey. Maybe I will return to it. For those who may not remember Giddy Goons, that was the one that went UP, LEFT, NO MOVE.

–  –

4. An oblique war protest written in 2002. The sample is taken from The Creature of the Black Lagoon:

-You had enough Mark, or do we keep on digging?

-I’ll tell you when I’ve had enough. We’ve failed. That’s all people will understand.

I put that on hoping it would provoke a response from Neil Codling, an old school friend I was then in semi-contact with. He was already set up as a famous musician, so I wanted his opinion. I turned up unannounced at his house one day, really just to see him and for an hour or two things were lovely, and it was just like old times. Then he got a bit weird on me, saying yeh yeh stick a CD in the post and I’ll get back to you on it before bundling me out the door. He never did, actually, and broke off any further contact. I think he thought I was trying to ride his coattails to success or something (a ladies’ coat, I hasten to add- bought from a charity shop in a bid to seem alternative). Clearly, he was a bit touchy about this due to the fact he only got into Suede in the first place because he was the cousin of the drummer Simon Gilbert. A few months later I happened to spot him on the platform at Notting Hill Gate tube and didn’t know whether to approach. Then I saw that he had also spotted me– yet thought I hadn’t seen him. Instead, he kept peeping at me with a weird expression on his face from behind a corner. Because this was downright odd behaviour, I wasn’t sure whether I should just go over to him and say hello. But then the train arrived and that was that. Cheers, Neil!

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