My Pee Pee E.P.


Another in my series of tenuously rhyming E.P. releases, providing a steady stream of relief for those who are bursting to go.

(If it smells like Sugar Puffs, please consult a physician.)




(If you would like a permanent copy of these tracks (and gosh, what right thinking person wouldn’t?) then right-click the title and all of that gubbins.)


All of these tracks are actually dead old, dating to way back in 2002 when I was working on the switchboard at Reuters in London, and spending the rest of my time either trying to make music, visiting art galleries, or just being stoned out of my mind on skunk and urban ennui.

1. This was actually one of the first tracks I recorded in Reason, and I still think it sounds pretty good. The sample is from one of those TV Court things and is the pitiful defence given by a defendant on trial for raping a drunk girl. Nice!

Sadly, the master file was mysteriously zapped when the local power station was hit by a freak bolt of lightning- so all we have here is an old mp3 file that I’ve tried tweaking a bit with the mastering tools in Reason 7.5 but frankly I have no idea what the fuck I am doing any more and need to retrain myself. For now, it’s as good as I can get it.

2. This was how I felt as I made my miserable commute each day from Wandsworth to St. Katherine’s Docks, a journey which involved walking, waiting, bus, waiting, train, waiting, tube and more walking, generally to find I was five minutes late. Which is just the kind of shit that millions of Londoners have to put up with each and every day.

3. Another track whose master was sadly zapped. The HD of my eMac (which was a lovely computer really) was partially corrupted by the power failure and I was unable to recover quite a number of files. This taught me you should always back up (not that I always remember to). The sample is from the frankly bizarre film Exorcist II – The Heretic. FSOL sampled the same movie in a rather better track on their ISDN album.

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