My Teepee E.P.

teepee ep

This is the third in my series of tenuously-rhyming E.P. releases under the name repetitivebeast. 

It has been specially sonically engineered to sound absolutely tip top in a wigwam. I’d do some pun on ‘intense’ / ‘in tents’ here but I simply can’t be arsed.

Right-click the title if you prefer downloading to streaming:

1. Under Control
2. Swank
3. No Matter What

Track 1 was very nearly my chance to hit the big time when DJ Andrew Grant of DC10 in Ibiza started playing it in the Summer of 2003 after my friend, the DJ and music producer Stevie Diamond, who appears from time to time in my narrative as the character Orange, gave him a CD with some of my tracks on it. After getting all excited, with Andrew Grant telling me he was 100% certain he wanted to release the track as a split-single white label, .. erm.. nothing happened. Shame, really. Andrew asked me what other choons I had knocking about but I think my other stuff was a bit too weird for him. Anyways. Maybe I should send him a tweet or something.. it worked with Jem Bendell

Track 2 Is for all you swankers out there. And I think I know who you are.

Track 3 features samples from 1978’s Nova Convention in which Timothy Leary, William S Burroughs, and one of about three other possible contenders (see link here) talk a load of old bollocks which goes nowhere significant. Leary- who is first to speak- is laughing nervously at the start of the youtube clip because he has just been shouted at by an enraged audience member denouncing him as “Scum!” and “a traitor to his people!” charges that Leary patently is unable to counter (being as he was a big fat phony CIA asset responsible for destroying both the minds of a generation and the anti-Vietnam war effort. Rot in Pieces, Leary!) … Anyway, sadly, the youtube uploader cut this bit out and so it is now fallen down the memory hole forever.

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