My Terrist Confession

I like terra firma
And couldn’t be without it
Except on a boat
And even then I doubt it
So maybe I’m a terrist
-I fit the description:
I say up yours! to unjust laws
And keep sharp knives in the kitchen.
I live by a semi-detached ‘e’ state
In a terrist house
In a terrist street.
I love love, basically,
and hate hate
And am cutting down on meat.
I’m cutting down on shopping, too
-All these things that I don’t need
Don’t please me like they used to do.
I’d rather smoke some weed.
And I’d rather keep the fruits
Of all I labour at each day
Than have some rich old reptile
Lock it all away.
I’d rather folks took action
And questioned what they’re told
Than bow to dodgy factions.
Man, it’s getting old.
I’d rather we dropped tools than bombs
Then went outside to play
Or at least went out
For a beer, anyway.
Anyway, I’m a terrist.
My ideas are a poison.
Well, enjoy son.

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