Myeik, February 2017

A walk around town a couple of weeks back.

I’ve been living in Myeik, Myanmar since July but it feels like a lot longer. There is nothing to do or buy here and nowhere to go except the rooftop of the Grand Jade Hotel and, sometimes, Golden Hill.

If I were here for a three-day tour of the nearby islands (unspoilt and largely unexplored) then it would be great. After seven months, it gets old.

I am one of only four Westerners living here which is a mixed blessing. A lot of Westerners who live in Asia are downright losers, after all. However, the unspoilt tropical vibe is spoiled somewhat by the fact the locals have zero English and I am unable to even pronounce the word for ‘five’. I gave up learning the language at that point.

Four more weeks then I’m gone. I will post more photos in the meantime.

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