Myeik, Myanmar. Street View

A3 charcoal on paper.

A street in Myeik, a city in an isolated province of Myanmar.

I spent a year there, largely by accident.

I haven’t drawn much for 25 years and am getting back into a flow of using charcoal plus, crucially, practicing often.

The picture is ok but due to a small planning error the motorbike on the left is sightly too high so, perspective-wise would be huge in reality.

More pictures soon in any case.

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  1. Very good, young(?) Ron.

    You could have got away with the fella on the motorbike by claiming it was a person on horseback, or even a motorcyclist pulling a wheelie…

  2. Do I sound young?

    You don’t get this much pain and sourness except by hard-fought experience.

    Or I could just have tattoos obviously. That seems to look like suffering

    • Well ‘they’ do say 40 is the new 30… so I guess that makes 50 the new 40?

      Yep, the cynicism and bitterness etc are signs of old-ish age…

      Tattoos? Don’t get me started on them – call me old fashioned, but I always remember them being for sailors or jailbirds…

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