Nip & Tuck

Nocturnal Sex Fiend writes:

Are you getting circumcised whilst in Thailand?

I hear they’re very reasonable, professional with less than a 25% dramatic incident rate.

Apparently the bitches love the bell ? being fully exposed as they find foreskin repulsive.

Maybe a nut sack nip & tuck.

We are middle aged now. Time ain’t kind to the testicles.

I don’t know about you but my sack has dropped depressingly, embarrassingly low.

On a warm day I have to wear extra large briefs to cradle the mass of bacon.

Ron sez (and I wrote ‘sez’ rather than ‘says’ in a pathetically woeful and transparent attempt to still seem relevant in today’s topsy-turvy turdsy world): notice, I never have a reply to Nocturnal Sex Fiend at moments like this.

I’d gladly crowdsource suggestions.

Comment below and I will forward it on.

He’s either drunk, high on meth or, most worrying of all, stone cold sober when he sends me these things


Fucking REMIX (by which I mean update in yet another sad attempt to seem relevant):

Actually I have now shaved my balls and tweeted the pic to Nintendo. They want to include them as a new Pokemon in the next GO! Update.

Eat fucking THAT, NSP! (That’s if you are actually eating these days rather than just chugging a can of Dunn’s nutrient milkshake each day.)

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