No Doubt Tomorrow

I didn’t want to write about you

For you monopolise everything I think;

When I slow down to pin my heart to a page

I find the ink resembles you.

The window mists up: I write our names

To find they bleed to death up there

And sudden clouds burst into view.


Now it seems I’ve lost my fifteen minutes

And am trapped in a silver lining-less world

Where day lazily blurs into day.

Late afternoon becomes early evening

Without a single scrap of meaning.

Hours are nonsense without you.


I never chose to feel like this

But something inside I cannot control

Turned wheels until the floodgates opened.


No doubt tomorrow I’ll hide from you,

Bury my head in those I know;

Try to forget you ever existed

Or how close our souls meshed.


And there’ll be no doubt tomorrow

Or pain

Or hate

Or war

Just what we think we’re fighting for

And I’ll find that you were nothing more

Than a hook to fix ideas upon.


No doubt tomorrow when the room heats up

I’ll find your name has been erased

And I’ll see instead a human face;

Free from what we self-inflict,

Pretending that the pain has meaning

And can define its own

Well thought-out case.


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