Nocturnal Sex Fiend’s Seasonal Gratings

Ok, I can’t even order these let alone reply. The bits in italics are me. 

I’m not saying this is beyond out there- I just want to clear my inbox and he does raise interesting questions, as ever.

A man with a weathered leathery dick.
The human cunt is incredibly robust & elastic.
I’m going to an abattoir for a day out on ice.
I want to witness the execution of every edible animal whilst eating their roasted flesh.
I’ll be laughing in a fit like a sadistic drain.
Deep & bellowing like the end of Welcone to the pleasuredome.
On Christmas Day I’m going to the hospital morgue again.
How long does it take to cleanse yourself of TV & other sources of corruption.
I guess TV 3 or 4 weeks.
Corruption would be a complex difficult undertaking.
To live without internet sites such as YouTube, social media & news etc would also be necessary to remove the fog.
Learn to live with a person to person 2G phone. A landline.
Going back to 1989 technology minus TV would be a better way to live.
Technology doesn’t seem to be benefiting average people.
It’s created thicker consumption. Laziness.
People don’t read, cook, exercise.
People watch chefs on TV & buy microwave ready meals.
People watch exercise & outdoor activities but stay in & watch Eastenders.
People pay £1000 for a smartphone to watch TV & consume.
I don’t know who created or influenced this direction but I do not like it & I am not taking part.
I’ve bought nothing for no one & im proud.
Don’t buy cards. Gifts.
I give nothing.
Christmas whatever. I do not give.
It’s not that I’m a cunt, it cos I ain’t a sucker. I don’t take part in western tradition.
I screw, take drugs & put myself above everything.
I am the centre of the universe.
I spoke to a sucker in the pub. Gareth. He spent £500 each on his children plus iPhones.
I laughed & called him a twat.
Suffice to say, he no longer approaches me.
Good. Less moronic twats in my life.
Fucking TWAT.
Took awhile to estrange myself from all family. I am completely alienated.
I feel absolutely nothing & I like it.
I’ve had no contact for years.
My mother calls occasionally. Sometimes my father appears. I find it annoying. I’m not directly rude but I sincerely wish they would fuck off & decay.
I no longer exist. 👍👍👍
They wouldn’t like the beast I’ve am if I stripped & displayed it.
A heartless depraved bastard.😁
It would freak them out. Scar.
No weddings, funeral shit.
I’m free.
RON: xmas and am waiting for a typhoon to hit. that’s about it. it was only work otherwise.

am sure my mother has had micro-moments of acute depression today which she has managed to shove far down into her subconsciousness somehow.
cup of tea now. gonna play Doom and watch Twin Peaks
Christ. Managed to lock myself out when going to the washing machine on the roof. Waiting for the landlord to contact me.

3rd or 4th worst xmas if I really gave a shit about it

The reason I hate (I find it hard to say) Christmas is because if your not taking part & consuming your supposed to feel bad or miserable. It’s such a triumph for the crap manufacturers.
I’m thankfully past that.
I actually kind of enjoy it because the places I go are quieter. I enjoy the silence.
I walk a lot & the streets & fields are deserted.
I also make a killing on eBay. The suckers spend spend spend.
Girls are especially easy at this time of year too. Catch a smile & your in.
2018 is starting with a strict regime.
No drink. No tobacco. No drugs.
My doctor told me to do it.
I’m in a cold sweat considering it.
I plan on going day by day.
After 10 days I’ll start a rigorous programme of exercise that will increase with intensity.
By March I want my fitness back.
New Year’s Eve is going to be the bender to end all benders.
The final solution.
They’ll be a fireball & mushroom cloud.
Epic quantities of pleasure giving chemicals will be taken.
Enough to put a 2 ton rhinoceros on its knees & grin.

There’s a possibility I might get honoured this year.
Just waiting for an official messenger.
Services to degeneracy obscenity & filth.
A lifetime of deprivation within the art of sex & drugs. Including putrid buggery.
Lord Dark.
The Dark Lord
I’d be fantastic.
Kneel before his lordship.

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