Nocturnal Sex Fiend’s Xmas Message

I have to go to the clinic at 4 today for my bi monthly piss & saliva screening. Pain in the arse.

I have no choice but to take alcohol heroin methadone diazepam & crack today as I want an extra fat Christmas prescription. There’s a lot of partying to do over the next 2 weeks. A lot of sex drink & drugs.

Just had my first hit.

I want to keep up the 2 weekly boxes of 5mg diazepam but I’m gonna try to get it altered to 1 box of 10mg blues. This way in awhile I’ll get that increased.

I want more opiates. More buprenorphine. More more more basically.

I’ll get loads of condoms & lube. Girls love being lubed up. Gets them a good porkin extra hard for 20 minutes. The better you screw the more you get. They talk.

The waiting room is full of sexual health kit. Every type of condom & lube for whatever your into.

It’s a den of darkest perversion.

When your up on opiates you can fuck like a wild animal. Total scrotal control.

I might as well get as much as I can get.

If there’s crack in my piss they’ll deffo increase the script. I’ll tell them I’m stressed & pretend to be sad. Boo hoo poor me etc etc.

You can play these people with ease. Just tell them what they want to hear.

Keeps them in a job. Keep the stats up.


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  1. This strategy could actually backfire, NSF – rather than filling your pockets with more goodies, they may actually chuck you in a straight jacket and cart you off to Broadmoor…

    • Thanks for your kind words of wisdom.
      If I repent will the Lord & baby Jesus forgive me.
      I’m prepared to accept our loving God & his teachings.
      I’ll suck his cock & balls (baby Jesus) if required & swallow the warm salty goo of joy.
      Praise Jesus

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