Not a Belieber

Nocturnal Sex Fiend writes:


Is it me but when I hear the name Justin Bieber my blood pressure rises & I feel aggressive.
Do u think it’s normal to hate someone u don’t know that much.
Osama bin laden didn’t effect me that way.
Even Blair only has a moderate effect.

Anyway the cunt played a gig at the NEC so he’s in the local news. Pictures, reviews & shit.
God I hate him.


It’s like pollution. I don’t understand the attraction.
When I was at school I don’t recall anyone liking the equivalent crap of the day.
Back then in the early 80’s you’d get beaten up & severely ostracised for admitting you listen to commercial pop.
Maybe the threat of a thrashing & humiliation needs bringing back to enlighten their soul.
I remember a lad getting stripped naked & pushed into the assembly hall during morning prayer & hymns for having a copy of A-ha’s offering on tape.
He committed suicide.
Hard times. Great music.


If a speaker the size of the 02 arena was constructed & Bieber was played at maximum volume over the Middle East maybe Bieber could save us.
It would require an amp the size of a 16 wheeler lorry.
Surrender would be rapid.
We could bathe in oil & nerve gas.


I got so pissed on Saturday I fell off a toilet with dehydrated turd hanging from my arse.
The floor was soaked with piss. My clothes soaked most of it up.
I was covered in shit, piss & puke.
I puked on myself whilst sliding around on the greasy cold piss tiles.
I couldn’t get up. My legs were far too inebriated so I gave in & soaked up the mess.

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