O Bye Bye

Looking forward to Obama leaving the public stage. The last time I saw this much naive faith in someone just because he was black was when Derek Griffiths presented Play School.

My peers were 3-6 years old at the time.

Years later, I met Derek briefly when he was performing in Stratford-Upon-Avon and we supped a beer and he seemed a lovely bloke. If I saw Barack in the bar I’d bottle the cunt (note use of second conditional here, law enforcement authorities: unlikely or unreal). Cheers, Libs.

For my (let’s face it) overwhelmingly American audience, here is the still-living legend Derek Griffiths in a video which is way more mature than CNN these days:

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  1. Bang on the money, Ron. Obama is a useless pile of wank. I’m afraid I suspected this eight years ago and really didn’t share the views (and hopes) of many others that he would elucidate ‘change we can believe in’; just another Manchurian candidate.

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