Odd Dream

I just had a dream so vivid that it could possibly have been an insight into a parallel universe.

In that world, I was also a teacher but at somewhere that looked more like a grand house than anything. I didn’t know or recognize the other people around me- not the other adults or the children, although I was helping the children with their writing.

They weren’t at desks but were allowed to be on rugs on the highly-polished wooden floor or sprawled wherever they felt comfortable working.

That I didn’t recognize them was perplexing only to me- they all seemed familiar with me and were doing a task I had set them up on. We were in what I thought was England but fashions were different.

A TV was on showing details of a terrible war- the announcer didn’t say where. The story changed to a big feature on Wikileaks. Unlike our world, Wikileaks wasn’t dealt with in a crass, dismissive way but their exposes were being reported on and taken seriously. Clearly this was causing problems for the war plans which were much more advanced and active than in our world. The news item changed to soldiers being deployed and a commanding officer saying that it was “Backs to the wall, but our boys will take the fight to them.”

My focus switched back to the children- how was it that they knew me?

I asked, “Do you know who I am?”

They replied, “You’re Miss Strong.”

This was strange because I had clearly asked them the question in a man’s voice.

There was music now playing- a grand piano and a woman singing words to a song, the only line of which I can remember now was the refrain, “I’m the man who killed him.”

As for the few adults around- I now realized the men behaved in a naturally submissive way to the women and clearly were in social roles we would consider to be traditionally female, hence my title as ‘Miss’ and a woman singing “I’m the man.”

I came out of the dream slightly several times, yet always fell straight back into it, into the same existence, but time was passing and the location I found myself in was different.

The focus shifted to my home, which was both strange and familiar and unlike anywhere I have actually been in my own reality.

I woke up twenty minutes ago so details are now fading, but the world was fully fleshed out and real for the other participants. All I have left are some brief observations.

People were more respectful with each other, although as I was at some kind of private school, respect is to be expected. Males knew their place. There were no mobile phones or other electronic devices, but clearly there must have been computers due to the Wikileaks news item. Music played a more important part of life (at one point I was at a music concert of a fairly senior black male singer, which was a relaxed and traditional affair). The borders of countries were different. The war was focused on Central and South America and was being fought over gold and silver.

That’s about all I now can remember.

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