Old-Time Patriarchy

In a way, I miss the old-time patriarchy.

You knew where you stood and didn’t have mentally-ill people trying to subvert everything.

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    • Yeah fair enough. It’s a big topic though and I’m focused on getting out of Myeik first.

      I do have views on this which are typically contrarian. So much so Henry Makow wants me to submit to his site.

      I’m torn in not wanting to get too political and then viewing the world around me fall to pieces and wanting to comment on it in a way that isn’t just some oblique pun-filled quick laff.

      That said, I’m not being paid by anyone or sponsored by anyone so can say what I want really. The pen name is for professional reasons- beyond that, I’m not hiding behind anything. I’m pretty much the same in real life as I am on the blog.

      Leave it with me, I will expand, promise.

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