In the One Percent

Good news (for me at least- you’ll probably just be thinking “So what?”) and some bad news:

The good news is this website ranks in the top 1% of sites in terms of traffic (and, let’s face it, quality).

Alexa currently has it ranked at 5,681,788 which, considering there’s over a billion sites and blogs out there, isn’t bad. The fact it is often idiosyncratic and offensive and not just full of click-bait shows I am not alone.

Thank god I am not alone. There are other individuals out there too. Bless you. Keep fighting the Borg / Combine / Matrix / good fight.

The bad news is that it’s actually gone DOWN from 2,365,655 whenever Alexa last checked it. That was possibly around the time I posted that thing about my lovely girlfriend.

Thanks to those who like it- please buy the book.

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