One Weird Trick

This one weird trick will maybe make me a few pennies off this website while alienating every new reader and those of you I have managed to already gain as readers of the Gallery of Grotesquery (much obliged to you, also).

I could monetise by sticking one of those FUCKING SHITTY panels that LOOK like it’s news articles, cannot be turned off in any adblocker and, even if you do click on the shitty articles it just takes you to some unskippable video that nobody watches to the end before deciding that this is an insult to the intelligence of not only humans but many of our great ape (and even shit ape) cousins.

To save you time, I will never install that kind of crapola or indeed any kind of advertising on this blog. It’s insulting to you, mainly- you become the product I am prepared to sell out to whoever for pennies. You have more value than that. So do I.

I have a job. That’s enough to pay for the nonsense that is Make Yourself Uncomfortable.

If you want to buy a copy of the book then that’s great, but don’t bother for a while because I am working on a much better Second Edition right now. Even if you are too short of cash to buy a copy, it matters not. I appreciate times are hard. You can always read everything that’s actually in it somewhere if you can be bothered to dig around. The book will be cool though. Multi-purpose and just right for reading while straining on the bog or waiting for a bus or something.

That said, here’s the big reveal to two unskippable videos:

1. This one weird trick will make you lose weight and be more attractive to women:

not drinking so much beer

2. This one weird trick will make you instantly more attractive to women:

being wealthy

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  1. The fact you can barely read the image above is both an expression of my contempt for this kind of money-tinkling exercise and the fact I can’t be bothered to fiddle about with it.

    I have had one or two ales, to be frank.

  2. Well, that’s a fair comment. I’ve actually been around nobody for too long and am surprised I haven’t gone genuinely wibble hatstand in the process.

    I have five times as many USA readers as UK, though, and don’t want to scare them off just yet.

    • BTW, given your lack of normal human contact, you don’t think you’re going to go on the rampage and all sociopathic when you go back to civilisation, do you?!

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