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The Statist position on government and power generally is this: perhaps things will change- with meaningful reform; with the right people in positions of power and so on. Studying psychology and realpolitik as it has been and is being waged, however, gives us the insight that only psychopaths and narcissists are allowed into positions of power with other psychopaths acting as gatekeepers.

Perhaps this is reductive: life is complex. But the true power doesn’t reside with the politicians, it belongs to the banksters.

It has been claimed many of the elite are Satanists or members of other secret societies with degrading initiation rites (cf. Cameron fucking that pig). Paedophiles, particularly, make perfect MPs as far as the Powers That Be are concerned: they can be relied upon to do exactly as they are told.

This is why Elm Street and Dolphin Square weren’t just a few dirty cunts but was likely orchestrated, filmed (whether hidden or not) and funded by the security services.

This is part of a very old plan (ancient) that is now nearing its final goal of One World Government. If the EU breaks up it will be a serious spanner in the works. Imagine governments operating in their own national interests rather than the interests of foreign powers (notably America, but it’s all part of a worldwide thing).

As things stand, the EU does no more than carry out the USA’s wishes regarding foreign policy and the current crop of ‘leaders’ seem hell-bent on provoking world war against Russia and / or China. Clearly this is in nobody’s interests except the military industrial complex, which has enormous sway in deciding America’s direction. It’s about the only industry they have left since everything was shipped off to China.

Now those same owners of dark satanic mills are getting rid of the Chinese workers for even cheaper robots that don’t complain, get sick or tired or throw themselves off the roof in suicidal despair.

Of course, we were promised as kids (maybe before our times- things had already gone tits up by the Seventies) a future in which robots do all the work, a three day work-week and the problem would become too much leisure. Of course that didn’t happen because the spinners of this yarn were working closely with CIA assets and so the true picture has only become clear to most recently: they don’t want people to be happy, get decent money and have productive time on our hands.

They want everyone unhappy, work for as little as they can get away with paying and spend their spare time (it’s only ‘free time’ if you can do something) sobbing quietly, blaming immigrants and filling their heads with junk realities through the media and junk foodlike substances.

The reality is that we ARE at war- it is a war of full-spectrum dominance as outlined in several strategy and policy documents that have come to light. It’s not apparent to most people because it is largely psychological, lulling some into believing our best interests are at heart.

The elite have been very successful in conditioning people so that, unless things fuck up for them personally, they assume the world is- or could be- a fair place.

I guess for me the de-programming happened early on thanks to my parents’ horrific divorce and the work of Alan Moore (particularly his astonishing Brought to Light, documenting then 30 years of secret wars by the CIA. But really, the CIA is just one of the masks these interests wear). This was further compounded by half my teachers being cunts, leading to me distrusting all authority figures. Then of course rave happened which opened me up to a lot of different ideas. After that, my dad drank himself to death and his wife threw me out when I questioned a suspiciously signed will leaving everything to her.

I spent years in the company of all kinds, trying to survive in a very challenging position (penniless) at a very important time in life (early 20s). I guess I did feel bitter about this but it meant I developed critical thinking skills and genuine life experience in all its shades while many of my peers were developing conformity and getting their rather meagre reward for doing their bit for the money-go-round.

I left the UK in 2004, and I voted with my feet to Brexit when I saw how the game was rigged and that the English Degree my dad had pushed me into didn’t mean I was going to suddenly end up at The Times or anything. Grammar school boys make good middle managers. They can actually get stuff done for the public school-educated lot. They are also potentially dangerous if they have the critical thinking skills and are hungry.

Thankfully, I was hungry for a better world and not the baubles and trinkets my attention was supposed to fix on. Naively, this did end up with me becoming part of the Anti-Capitalist movement and maybe that was tied up with bitterness and envy to those who have had it easy.

I believe in a fairer society as much as anyone. But I also keep in mind the Buddha’s dying words which were pretty much: there is no external saviour and you must look to your own salvation.

I believe this advice can be applied to other spheres of life, of course- economic, political and interpersonal relationships.

Politically, this led me into deciding that anarchy or anarcho-syndicalism should be the ideals of civilisation: self-government and self-policing. The EU- indeed all political organisations- are the antithesis of this. Meanwhile the anarchists are stuffed because they can’t even agree on a date or venue to have a meeting.

I tend to reject a lot of that now as an unrealistic pose. The elite power would never allow genuine grassroots expressions of self-empowerment or living outside the system, hence the demonisation of the New Age Travellers (who didn’t do themselves any favours in this regard) and, as I witnessed in Genoa in 2001, genuine peaceful protest being torched by the so-called Black Bloc Anarchists, a number of whom I saw using Walkie talkies, crossing police lines, torching buildings and doing everything needed for a brutal response from the state.

Operation Gladio reborn.

The State, having a monopoly on violence, is always glad when things play out like that. They can handle the violent protests (so long as they keep paying the wages of their actors). In fact they like it so much as a tactic that various agents of sabotage- agents provocateur, undercover police and other practiced liars and empathy-devoid individuals are tasked with subverting all grassroots movements that genuinely seek legitimate change. They will be the ones to suggest nailbombs rather than networking with likeminded individuals.

Were the vast majority to behave co-operatively, in line with the human empathy and altruism normal people feel at the sight of unnecessary suffering, all of the economic and social models to justify keeping us all from wanting to help others would break down.

When the Rand corporation, courtesy of John Nash, invented the game theory that underpins their monstrous “There Is No Alternative” jackboot, repeatedly stamping a human face for well over thirty years, they were clearly so clueless as to what normal people feel that they had to take cues from a paranoid schizophrenic who thought everyone round him wearing a red tie was a secret Communist.

Of course, in a very fundamental way he was right in that the Communist Project, like Socialism before it, was an elite-constructed hoax designed to throw people off the course of true emancipation and into tyranny.

Plopping into the course of history like the offspring of a demented yet well-meaning and morally smug baboon, the Socialists announced to the world that freedom in their eyes meant the freedom to commit mass murder on a massive scale in the Revolutionary Terror of France, all under the banner of ‘liberty, equality and fraternity’.

The fact that Socialists still think that ‘liberty, equality and fraternity’ are compatible goals shows they have successfully accepted the cognitive dissonance of both liberty and equality being achievable.

We are born as individuals and to be made into equals requires an outside controlling force to achieve this. This outside force however is not equal and therefore not actually into equality to achieve this.

Neither is it into liberty because it always knows words like ‘Liberty’ and ‘Freedom’ are such alien concepts to the minds of those who grovel before authority that they wouldn’t know what to do with it except something vengeful. ‘Fraternity’ is another word that sounds good. Other synonyms include Brotherhood, which is an alternate term for Freemasons.

Once erroneous thinking has been established via the acceptance of any imposed ideology, its adherents will cling to the view that the new facts are wrong rather than admit they had misunderstood the true nature of something and, through their actions, have unknowingly enabled the exact opposite of what they intended, rather than the carefully-managed imposed Utopia that will happen once the working masses awaken from their “false consciousness” and submit to their rule.

Until recently, the Socialist Workers Party held a vice-like grip on its hapless hoping members until the rape and attempted cover up of a party member came across as derogatory to women and stuff. Some woke up, of course and the SWP is no longer the Archonic power it once was, but the fact they ‘woke up’ to corruption in a party less significant than the 43rd birthday of a lonely bachelor eating Toast Toppers in his grimy dressing gown then having his birthday wank ruined by the objectification of women, yet still proudly proclaim themselves Socialists, shows that they have not woken up really to the pointlessness of their striving (that will all become clear “after the revolution”.)

The reason the various factions of Socialism are constantly stabbing each other in the back then wondering why they don’t get more members rather than, say, fight the actual enemy (at least as they portray it), or even- God forbid- have an achievable and workable blueprint for a better world shows this is a false opposition whose well-meaning (if morally superior) members blindly mistake psychopathy for leadership and malignant narcissists having a toddler tantrum for deep conviction. It shows the foolishness of trusting those who have only their own interests at heart. (I’m using ‘heart’ here to mean the blood pump as only the heartless would seek to control others rather than working, as far as possible, towards achievable and realistic goals for their mutual benefit).

As all of this is now starting to sound like a particularly swivel-eyed Telegraph opinion column frothed from the mouth of a chinless weaseler, and in the interests of fairness and balance, I have to point out that the Right wing are a bunch of utter cunts too but at least they are honest about it: they like you down there in the dirt, too busy and demoralised to take appropriate action (and look what happened to Gaddafi after his unsuccessful punt in the money-making mirage that has been constructed. Anally raped to death with a real knife after trying to launch an alternative financial system that was backed by gold, the incumbents running and managing the current system had better hope the botty knives are as unreal as their currencies when the whole thing throws a shit fit and conks out spectacularly).

Only at the point that people realise that they cannot eat money and have no genuinely no tangible assets beyond their pussy, arse or left kidney (about €4 for all three in Greece right now) and that the motivational poster of a whale and pot plants were cunning lies designed to inspire the hope that somehow this is meant to be, despite the gnawing sense that on your death bed maybe the whole thing won’t turn out to have been a dynamic and synergistic fulfilment of a Mission Statement / job description / cleaning the shit stains out of the staff toilets vital role that you were picked and trained for but a complete waste of yours, and everyone else’s time.

Of course, your deathbed will undoubtably be hastened when they end all the unnecessary busy work people insist on either farming out or ploughing through if you choose to look no further than the whale and think “Yes, “Strength in Obedience” is can and doable” then you’re probably not going to make the cull let alone all the mortgage repayments.

If you’re sitting there thinking “Hang on- ALL this is fucking bullshit” then keep that feeling of dread in mind. Perhaps you will work something out beyond sucking off tramps for a swig of warm Diamond White. You’re already cynical enough to take the money in exchange for keeping your mouth shut during the current period of the smart money leaving the door and the Apple devices trundling out of a fully roboticized workforce that doesn’t get tired, need a pee or a quick jump off the roof to end the endless futility of despite having a cheaper, more compliant (I.e. terrified) workforce that naturally chose a life of factory farm egg laying than the free range possibilities afforded by what remained of their communities after government bulldozing and tax dodge development of luxury housing that will never be lived in.

Unlike most countries, house prices in China do not tend to appreciate in a steady way, but instead follow the new car showroom model where once you’ve driven it off the forecourt it immediately halves in value, making all your seemingly rational arguments for not buying second hand and spending the rest on some quality ice, crack and call girls seem suddenly hollow.

The owners of these properties also have made a bad judgement call because truly important people are important in helping their communities whereas the only thing they have helped their local community do is realise the flooding of the rice paddies drowns enough field mice to keep from starvation for a short while.

Peering, and peeing in a plausibly technocratic way as they cleave to the notion that they are so much more better than everyone else because gosh look at all my stuff! – the expiring of a peasant- an insignificant dot to the naked eye but pixel sharp on the endless screens that spew out satisfying sights of well-guarded razor wire where once there were villages shelling peas (or whatever) and- outside the fortifications, more cameras train in on the remaining peasants who plead in vain “Mr Lee (probably) we beseech you to help us!”

Mr Lee excitedly zooms in on the peasant’s dying moments to such a degree that he can actually see the poor unfortunate’s soul leave the body, unsure whether to feel a tiny bit safer with one less competitor or not to feel anything at all, he finds himself roused by the few cents each wasted life has returned to him on deposit (a bit like empty bottles were in pubs before the booze industry decided that it was more sustainable and economic to just dump them in a hole rather than give them a thorough rinse) due to a fantastic investment vehicle, if a pale yellow horse with a grinning skeleton on top can be considered a vehicle. In Legalese, most certainly things could be considered that way down the lodge and then presented as confusion rather than collusion in a Court of Law.

Most certainly, if the lawmakers want to consider Death, Horseman of the Apocalypse as a bendy bus, bypass or train replacement service, they can certainly find that rationalisation out somewhere amongst the accumulated piles of guff that people who should have known better were well-paid to spout.

The state used to use a carrot as well as a stick but really this was thin gruel to keep the proles off their backs. So long as they had the Soviet Union to point towards, we could all believe we were free when in fact all we had the freedom to do was shop, drink and (if lucky) fuck away the loss of self-actualisation (the top level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs) as a necessary sacrifice to keep their system of control in place.

Self-actualisation is a huge goal and most never get there- mainly through poverty. But it can only be grabbed by the individual. No government has any answer to you achieving your purpose. All they offer is violence and oppression. Best people don’t wake up to that fact. Might have to apply electrodes to them. Might wake more people up. Of course, a critical freethinking individual is what the elite who created Socialism in the first place is the last thing those with power want.

Far better to push problem-reaction-solution by ANY means necessary, and lie through their teeth: parts which are played by most politicians and journalists (handily giving the real power more time for a bit of light-hearted ritual) all the while gradually conditioning the public to become increasingly demoralised, depraved and drunk and then ‘fixing’ the symptoms with anti-depressants which destroy the individual’s ability to focus on the fact it is society that is fundamentally flawed, not them.

Of course it is fucked: if we had true purpose then we wouldn’t need their entertainment products which have all kinds of clever crazy-sounding subliminal stuff running through them like Blackpool through a stick of Blackpool rock. We wouldn’t need to buy things to inflate our self-esteem only to have the horror of our own imperfection being thrown at us from every direction.

The atomised individual, in a state of near-perpetual cognitive dissonance, can then be persuaded to seek expression in all kinds of things that either are entirely ineffectual (getting a tattoo, getting a box set of Game of Thrones, getting angry at whoever is the hate figure/ group of the day) or actively harmful (drink, drugs, casual sex, eating disorders, body dysmorphia) all of which makes them money and distorts our perception of reality and chance to work out who we are.

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