Our Man in The Midlands Writes

I’ve had the most grim day.

This morning at 9am I was woken by loud consistent knocking like fucking policeman or bailiffs.

I answered to find 2 religious nut cases at the door talking about God & shit.

I had a chronic hangover.

Obviously I lost it & went crazy. I made it very clear with verbal abuse they were on private property & yes, I threatened to kill them & send them to their dumb God.

2 hours later the Police turned up. 2 cars 4 pigs.

After a ridiculous coversation I was arrested taken to leamington station locked up for 6 hours then reprimanded.

I’m fucking oissed off as fuck.

Religious bastards.

Apparently even on your own property abuse & death threats to Jehovah’s are taken very seriously.

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