Mind the Generation Gap

Ok, first of all- do you even blame my generation for not panning out when, as a group, we never even worked out whether it should be ‘X’rs’, ‘Xers’, ‘Gen Xers’ or ‘Xs’? It wasn’t ‘Xs’, you American twats. It […]

Safety Dance

How much freer were things in the 80s? In 1983, Men Without Hats released their joyous and/or crap song The Safety Dance which included dwarfs in the video and maypole dancing. After 9/11 it was banned for ever under Health […]

Pie in the Sky

I think this video is the exact moment that subversive ‘character’ Jonathan Pie- played by actor/comedian Tom Walker jumps the shark entirely. That said, I haven’t watched him for a while as I am 9,000 miles from the UK and […]


Does it come to THIS? That I have to DROP my unreliable and unknowable narrator device for an actual picture of ME reading a lovingly-tooled and hot off the print-on-demand press copy of the book of this site for this […]

That B&W Challenge

A recent Facebook challenge has been 7 black & white photos in 7 days. I was nominated for this by UK-based artist and photographer Paul Stork, who I’ve become friends with via Facebook. (I look forward to meeting him when in […]

Something Very Wrong

Even as a small kid, something felt wrong- very wrong- about “When the Saints Go Marching In’. Maybe it was the fact that ‘When the Saints Go Marching OUT’ would be a lot more logical as a choice of preposition. […]

Fuck Alexa, Amazon and Alphabet Agencies

Seems this site has been de-listed by Alexa even though the audience hasn’t dropped at all. They used to have figures. Now they have zilch. My friend Stu, who runs peninsularity.com, originally pointed out about three years back that, according to […]

Nocturnal Sex Fiend

(RON:) Regular readers may be wondering where Nocturnal Sex Fiend has gone and why we haven’t heard from him in a while. Well, for one he fucks up my formatting and for two he hasn’t gone anywhere except even more […]

Awesome Gift Idea

Ho! Ho! Hopeless about buying presents for your loved ones this Xmas yet still have money and/or a credit card?             Christmas is coming. The goose is getting fat. So am I, bit my bit. […]