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Symphony for Monkey Shaggers

A long time ago, I came across this hilarious audio of the actor Tom Baker (who played a majestic Doctor Who back in the 70s). He’s probably fairly sloshed, in a recording studio, doing a voiceover for a furniture company […]

Pink Floyd: The Endless Ripoff

  So, the entity passing itself off as Pink Floyd has finally revealed details about their soon-to-be-released collection of hotly-anticipated backing tracks with overdubs that were considered too poor even for the Division Bell. Since Roger Waters left the band […]

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War on Terra

I wrote the following in October 2001 as a response to the previous month’s events. I was sat in a bar in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand while scenes of armies being mobilised were being broadcast on the television and started […]

Teardrop Explodes

April 2002, and a bullet list of where I was at, was – Bath – Staying temporarily in my sister’s spare room – Jobless – Nearly broke, having spent almost all my savings on a six month doss around Thailand. […]

Big John

September, 2014. I fly into Surat Thani from Bangkok on one of those cheap ass airlines, whose Health & Safety booklet’s exhortations to do mild exercises in the sky to avoid deep vein thrombosis are nothing more than a legal […]

Noel Edmonds #4

People say, “So Noel. You walk the walk these days, dude. Pretty much everyone now agrees that, despite the beard, you are the only member of Radio 1 FM in Medium Wave’s original line-up not to be on the sex […]

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An American Way of Life

A bit of ambient electronica weirdness for you. Taken from my unreleased second album “I Know Longer Care”. You can download your very own copy of it here. Samples are taken from the BBC Documentary ‘The Beyond Within’, a fascinating […]

Noel Edmonds #3

Noel writes: Sometimes when I look back on my fantastic and fantastically successful life, I feel a small twinge of regret. It’s not so significant that a quick look at my bank balance can’t cure it, but it is there […]

Bank Cottage

When I was seventeen, my father decided that we would move from the flat above his town centre pub in Stratford-Upon-Avon to a thatched cottage in a hamlet called Wixford. “It’s our Magic Cottage,” he said, indicating his second wife, […]

Glen Coinlid #8

And so wee present the final two pages of Neil Codling‘s Glen Coinlid’s 1991’s Easter’s Special’s Special. And the law of diminishing returns has set in- a steadily-declining hit rate, resembling the lower slopes of the Cotswold Hills slumping towards […]

Glen Coinlid #7

The penultimate upload of the Glen Coinlid Easter Special 1991, created by a teenage Neil Codling (that pouty one in Suede). Save

Glen Coinlid #5

More pointless filth from the Rim archives, produced by Suede’s Neil Codling in 1991. This is the first public airing. Sunlight is a disinfectant. Save

Glen Coinlid #4

In which Neil Codling tackles the really big questions of back in the day, such as “Where is shirts?” and “How do you write your name in pints?” Even though this was created in 1991, and what you see here […]

Glen Coinlid #3

Continuing the saga of Neil Codling‘s 1991 sophomoric satire of the Stratford-Upon-Avon Herald, The Glen Coinlid Easter Special, finally revealed to all and sundry.

Glen Coinlid #2

Continuing the publishing of the Glen Coinlid Easter Special 1991. Enjoy. (NB: Glen Coinlid was the alter-ego of Neil Codling, Suede keyboardist. When he was at school, he was also a satirical collagist contributing to my own photocopied comic Rim. […]