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The Way the World Ends

I am staring at the secret where the water meets the sky and the horizon still believes in all the clouds that whistle by. I feel the wind that runs its fingers through the grasses, through the sky, wind that […]

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Wizards and Lizards

wizards and lizards are getting me gizzard big business buzzards been taking the biscuit with secret services and esoteric substances serving military industrial purposes shadowy figures instilling nervousness pop another Prozac contain your complexes you are free to be blown […]

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Three Cheers for Dear Bear

I think the best gig I ever had was when I used to entertain a fair few people (the rest would just get irritated) as the mascot for Stratford Upon Avon’s local radio station The Bear102FM (I would love to […]

My Terrist Confession

I like terra firma And couldn’t be without it Except on a boat And even then I doubt it   So maybe I’m a terrist -I fit the description: I say up yours! to unjust laws And keep sharp knives […]

Crack House on Fox Hill

After three years of Leicester, I finally got it together enough to move to my sister’s in Bath. She had a good job at the time in publishing and I thought maybe she could help hook me up with something. […]