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As I explained before, I am not a sage. Truly it’s a miracle I’m not dead or mad considering the crazy banquet life threw at my head.

Regardless, I have worked out a few things which make sense to me. I’m still not dead, mad or addicted to anything. Go me!

1. Don’t get possessed by possessions

A load of knick knacks does not compensate for a life that is actually lived. Your box sets are an ersatz reflection of what you could be doing with your time. It’s not like you would be devoid of televisual entertainment wherever you go in any case.

2. Regret the things you didn’t do, not the things you did do

It sometimes takes years to put what you did into perspective. That’s how life works. Life is laughing at you and with you all the way. Even the most retarded action is better than a life of inaction. Rock the boat. Dare to disturb the universe. It’s nothing the universe can’t deal with. It’s big and has seen your kind of shit many times before.

3. Wherever you go, there you are

Don’t think your sense of self is defined by your surroundings. It isn’t. Shock your rut by periodically busting loose. Move to another town or state or country and see how much of you actually remains. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. Don’t be a wuss, though. Explore. You won’t lose yourself. Your self will only grow.

4. Fuck expert opinion

You are the best and only judge of your reality. They say your take is off-base and want to medicate you into stultifying compliance? Laugh it all back by medicating YOURSELF!

. Psilocybin, MDMA and Speed are far more effective and safer than anything the doctor will give you.

5. Don’t have a master plan

Reality is far more complex than any plans you might have for it. Relax. Enjoy the madness. Karma might get you there in any case. Or it might not. Whatever. Have passions and interests. Follow what you enjoy without expectation.

6. Only have good friends

If they’re not good for you, they’re not your friends. What’s more, they’re taking up the room decent friends could occupy. No mates is better than shit mates.

7. Being alone is fine

We all need downtime. Embrace it. Have hobbies and interests. Nobody is going to save you from yourself.

More stuff will follow on a pithy tack.

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