Tropical Paradise

I am currently living in the city of Myeik in the far south of Myanmar (Burma). The region was entirely shut off to outsiders (even Burmese) until three years ago. I am the fifth foreigner to have lived here in living memory.

I have recently bought a decent camera (Sony A5100 mirrorless compact) to document the place. The results so far are uneven. Plenty of pagodas, which unfortunately I find boring and samey as images, having lived in Asia for many years. The locals are generally too shy to point a camera at. The buildings are fairly non-descript.

I do plan to make the camera investment worthwhile, however, even if it kills me (which, let’s face it, could only ever happen under a series of bizarre and improbable incidents that I just can’t get into speculating on right now).

dsc00514 dsc00727 dsc00741 dsc00752 dsc00764 dsc00801 dsc00805 dsc00808 dsc00811 dsc00812 dsc00829


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