Pie in the Sky

I think this video is the exact moment that subversive ‘character’ Jonathan Pie- played by actor/comedian Tom Walker jumps the shark entirely.

That said, I haven’t watched him for a while as I am 9,000 miles from the UK and stopped finding him all that funny a while back:

Here is a rant that is as unfunny as it is semi-incoherent hissing at the pantomime villain Pie/Walker imagines Trump to be.

Trump is worse than that. Way worse: IF you choose to frame reality in the terms that have been provided to you.

Trump signals the end of this age and it’s best to see the humour in this and focus your energies on positive goals and creative pursuits as he takes a wrecking-ball to a failing consensus reality.

If you are focussing your energy on something you hate, you are empowering that figure in a very real way.

Energy is neither created nor destroyed, right?

Magickal shit here, really.

Trump is harvesting people’s energies.

Every time you hate him, he gets stronger.

It’s masterful.

You see, the big problem with Jonathan Pie presenting a video like this as satire is that it simply isn’t.

When he started as this character, the humour came from the disconnect between the ‘lies’ he was speaking on-camera and the ‘truth’ when the camera got turned off. This incongruity was the ONLY thing that made the character work.

As the version of reality Jonathan Pie is now pushing both on and off-camera is the SAME officially-sanctioned ‘hate Donald Trump’ rhetoric, it totally fails as satire.

Instead, it comes across more like a ‘hate Emmanuel Goldstein’ session from Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four.


Another Russell Brand-like trajectory from suddenly everywhere and cutting-edge to pushing the same, tired bullshit we hear everywhere.

If you suddenly hear about these new media figures and they’re suddenly everywhere- like Brand and Pie- then there’s probably some kind of backing behind them of the elite and the elite’s agenda.

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