Queen of Farts


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  1. This post led to a rather enjoyable flamewar on tickld.com:


    KingOfHere [m] +4 karma10 gift!1 hour ago
    When the fuck will tickld grow out of this childish, imbecilic humour. It makes me despair for the site when utter garbage like this is widely enjoyed enough to reach the hot page, grow up you fucking faggots.

    rongridcharts -3 karma1 hour ago
    Turns out the self-consciously clever stuff ends up being down voted again and again and again. As I see from your own submissions. Cheers! X

    ArcticMonks [m] +1 karma31 minutes ago
    Your posts are the kind of stupid toilet humour that most people grow out of when they turn 12. 8 posts about farts and poo in a row, your contributions to this website are shit.

    KingOfHere [m] -4 karma1 hour agoShut the fuck up you half-brained child molesting faggot, take your head out of your bleeding, gaping excuse for an anus and leave kisses on the end of messages to your fellow homosexuals. Cunt. X

    bethieanne802 +1 karma1 hour ago
    Uhh, you doing alright, buddy?

    KingOfHere [m] +1 karma49 minutes ago
    good thanks how are you

    alf2406 0 karma1 hour ago
    Your patter’s shite mate.

    KingOfHere [m] -2 karma1 hour ago
    Don’t “mate” me you vegetable-headed field faggot, I’m trying to have an intelligent conversation with an escaped mental patient and its hard enough work without his potty pal throwing faeces as well.

    alf2406 -1 karma55 minutes ago
    Sorry buddy. On average, how long do you spend thinking up this ‘comedy gold’ vegetable headed field faggot?? Fuck up.

    KingOfHere [m] -1 karma52 minutes ago
    Not very long, I don’t give much time to tards. Fuck off.

    shootthebandit -1 karma55 minutes ago
    I’ve heard there’s a cunt contest. Looks like your in the running for a gold medal with the leader of ISIS coming a close second

    KingOfHere [m] -1 karma51 minutes ago
    Yes, I am a cunt, well noticed.

    alf2406 -1 karma53 minutes ago
    Wow, it just keeps coming. Definitely autistic.

    KingOfHere [m] 0 karma50 minutes ago
    Wow, you making jokes about disabled people? Fuck you, go crash your tractor into rongridcharts ward you spastic.

    shootthebandit -1 karma44 minutes ago
    How about you crash a tractor into your own rectum you cum smuggler

    KingOfHere [m] 0 karma40 minutes ago
    Shut up you boring fag.

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