re Arse

It’s been a good few weeks of misery.

Due to the unfortunate area of the burns, my whole arse, scrotum & now inevitably penis have succumbed to infection.

I’m back in double traction at the QE Hospital.

The pain is unbearable & I fear what may become of me.

The doctors & specialists are deeply (gravely) concerned. They humour me but I see & feel the hopelessness. I know I’m done for.

I’ve a fucking nappy & a huge Tampax up my backside. My balls resemble a bunch of black grapes & my cock may be removed due to severe sepsis.

I’ve drains on both cheeks. My cock & bollocks get syringed as & when required.

They remove pints of yellow & green bloody pus daily. It stinks.

A new cock can be fashioned from a flap removed off a cadaver’s arse. That’s meant to give me hope!

If it weren’t for the traction & potent meds I think I’d jump out of the window as I’m 200ft up. I’m so ill.

The moans of pain & agony on this ward are loud & constant. I’m the only fucker here with the rights to moan.

Why can’t I just have a brain tumour? An exploding aneurysm.

I’m done. Fucking Parazone wipes.

I’ll keep you posted.

Keep toilet disinfectant away from your arse.



These are the buggers that I accidentally used on my now diseased backside.

A perfectly honest mistake.

There needs to be a large, cautionary warning. The packet should be bright red or something.

They could place an image of my arse, cock & balls on the front like a cigarette pack.

So many have examined my private parts now I honestly no longer care. I’ve no shame or ignominy.

They photographed me! I’ll probably be in The Lancet.

They fried my arse.

If I make it I’ll be writing to my MP.

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  1. Fight the good fight, NSF – I know you’ll pull through! Not so sure about the nads et al…

    Thanks for the picture – I’ll steer well clear of the wipes!

  2. I briefly chatted with NSF at his hospital twatpit earlier. I wasn’t keeping vigil or anything and wasn’t even there in person because I frankly couldn’t give a fuck about his pain and hope he dies before he completely discredits what was a deeply serious and important blog.

    I rue the fucking day I gave him admin privileges.

    Die, NSF! Bleed out of every orifice and fucking DO ONE!!!

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