Real Shame, America

We are in a spiritual war of truth vs falsehood and regardless of how you want to label yourself this is a pivotal point for humanity. If you truly want to understand the human condition you will gain great wisdom from understanding both Psychopathy and Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

These are the twin evils holding back the human race, no question about it. They revel in your ignorance of their game.

Wise up.

I had a mother with NPD who disowned me for finally standing up to her psychopathic husband last year. That wasn’t for my own sake. He physically attacked my sister’s kids under the guise of ‘play fighting’. Choking a nine year old doesn’t sound like ‘play’ to me.

My mother met all this with denial, projection and attack, making out that THEY were the victims. This is standard playbook stuff. It’s what they ALWAYS do.

When I refused to submit she disowned me. Her and her husband brought in my step-sister to try to attack me via Messenger: a message demanding I step down immediately and what the fuck did I think I was playing at.

She is neither psychopathic nor narcissistic. She is merely their enabler. Someone meekly going along for the sake of getting along. The world is full of people like this.

In my mind that makes her EVEN WORSE than somebody with a Type B personality disorder. Psychopaths and narcissists would be NOTHING without enablers.

They know no better. She does.

As above, so below.

America now has the choice between Hillary, who is an easily-recognisable psychopath, and Trump who is most certainly a narcissist. Whether he is malignant with it remains to be seen.

If you want to understand how you are being played day after day, research psychopathy and NPD like I have done.

Instead we have had endless info war in a USA presidential campaign that has seen the country finally recognise themselves as the laughing stock the rest of the world saw them to be years ago.

It doesn’t matter who ‘wins’ now.

America has been like Wile Coyote for a long time. Gravity is a bitch.

My commiserations to my American friends but this is what you get for living in a consensus-based reality rather than actual.. y’know reality. The rest of the world has had to deal with the consequences of your actions and inactions for decades. Blowback is a bitch. Enjoy the new civil war.

No, we are NOT all the same and wolves disguise themselves as sheep so they can prey on you.

Shame on people for enabling this system in the first fucking place through inaction or whatever.

“First they came for the trade unionists but I wasn’t a trade unionist so I said nothing.”

Shame on you all.

Fuck you all.

Grow a pair.

Love’n’light obviously xx



Posting this made me decide to send a final final email to my psychopathic stepfather and the malignant narcissist woman who gave birth to me (he doesn’t allow her an email address of her own). I guess you’d call it mother. I’d call it all catharsis.

Back story on the whole sorry saga will follow when I can.

Your silence has spoken volumes.

My letter was a call to empathy. A last chance. You clearly failed.

If either of you had any decency you would have recognised that.

All you needed to do was say sorry.

I’ve researched a lot about the personality disorders I firmly believe you have, however and realised that saying sorry is the last thing any Type B (as designated by the DSM) will ever do.

I don’t even feel sad anymore. I just want to make sure that unempathic self-serving and wilfully destructive creatures like you are hunted down and recognised by those of us who are truly human.

The mask slipped.

You were and are pretty stupid anyway. Our ignorance of your character disorder was really all you had going. Thank fuck for books, the internet and that thing you will never understand- empathy.

You have made me only stronger.

That is all I have to thank you for

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  1. This is so frustrating/disheartening/infuriating, when the blindingly obvious is ignored by someone – especially when it relates to something serious, like you have described. I’m sorry it’s within your family.

    I don’t suppose you gave him a good hiding, did you? I would have been seriously tempted.

  2. They’re both old now so I should leave them be. My sister was genuinely shocked by my last email to them and says I need to draw the line. That’s fine. It gave me a sense of closure, to be honest. Am done grieving. It’s been a difficult year or more (preceded by two years working at a college in the Middle East where student discipline was so bad that one student murdered another last week by slitting his throat in a college corridor). The day I arrived back in the UK, expecting family reunion time, all this kicked off. Ended up in Vietnam and then just travelled around Asia processing what had happened and reading books and sites on NPD. Hence, I didn’t get much writing done. Was far too headfucked. It’s better now but other stuff has now happened which I don’t want to post about. A return to the UK is on the cards once I have saved enough to go back. Sheesh

  3. I realised shortly after writing my original comment that he was (is) probably an old fella and that what would probably be an initial (over)reaction would not be wise.

    It sounds like you handled the situation with great dignity anyhow – well done.

    Reading your blog regularly with the wacky stories, it sometimes sounds like life is a big holiday. Really sorry to hear that it’s not (and horrified to hear of the incident in the ME).

    Enjoy Asia (especially the weather!) before you come back.

  4. Cheers. It won’t be any time soon, to be honest. My sister has processed things a bit more re her partner having cancer and there’s little point in me being sucked (suckered?) into being raped for all my measly salary by rent-seeking parasites like so many. I made my choice to leave in 2004. I don’t regret it.

    Xmas I will be back for a few days then mark out my time here taking photos before a year somewhere else. Perhaps Vietnam where I have a job lined up and one or two good friends (plus a load of cunts I unfortunately know but they’re easy to avoid- just by staying away from Huong Vy Restaurant in Saigon). Have applied to Indonesia, Malaysia (I hear it’s proper boring there though) and so on. We shall see.

    Yeah considering their age, I probably should have just left it but fuck it, I was drunk at the time. You should see what I post on Facebook in similar states. I’m surprised I haven’t been defriended by more than the one or two who found it a bit much.

    Vietnam is favourite though. Missing my mate Simon. We nearly never spoke again after a dreadfully unfortunate incident and its fallout last year. I started to write about it but he came across as such a massive bellend that I had to give it up. Besides, it wasn’t funny

  5. Glad to have you as a regular reader, by the way. Cheers. Not feeling massively productive right now. Myeik drains me sometimes, it’s so dull. Visa run to Pattaya next week though, should blow away a few cobwebs

  6. It’s a pleasure to visit regularly. Great blog – I definitely seem to be on your wavelength regards life, politics, humour etc.

    Life events led to me thinking about jacking it in and going for TEFL about ten years ago; bottled it though – was afraid of being skint and I suppose was already institutionalised at that point. No chance now as I have a ball-and-chain and 3 rugrats. Way too entrenched in the rat race, sadly. Your blog provides some great light-relief!

    I’m planning on buying the book, but not from amazon – one of the (many unscrupulous at best) companies that I refuse to do business with. I’ll most likely get it from ebay (probably equally as unscrupulous) – looks like an online bookshop, hopefully the royalties will channel their way to you!

  7. Actually, especially diametrically opposed (Compare to What? a la David Holmes) I enjoy winding people up. I could take it further but am just speaking my truth rather than trying to gain a pulpit.

  8. Definitely will! I was referred here by ferryt, a commenter on the tap blog.

    I have recommended you to at least one friend but will spread the word further.

    I think even putting the politics to one side, there are enough funny stories to make even a capitalist swine neocon chortle!

  9. Nice. I’m a big fan of The Tap and read it regularly. I didn’t really post anything political here for a long time as I’m not a journalist but we’re in an age of universal deceit and a little bit of humour is always a good way to break down cognitive dissonance.

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