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In 1990-1991 I was responsible for producing a Viz-style school fanzine, along with a number of like-minded collaborators.

At the time, we were still at school and terrified of the teachers finding a copy and tracing it back to us, so we devised a cunning system of using anagrams of our real names. I was Ron Gridcharts, a monicker I have recently revived just in case my employers find this blog and fire me. (Some things never change, I’m afraid, kids: although I’m not really terrified these days, because I’m currently stuck in a literal and cultural desert in the Middle East, yet have a guaranteed job waiting for me in Vietnam which is a much more fun place to be.)

Other contributors were:

  • Greg Horobin, who wrote many of the strips for me to draw, credited as Rob H. Goering;
  • Neil Codling, later to go on to fame and fortune as a member of Suede, (firing every one of his childhood friends in the process) who enthusiastically contributed as Glen Coinlid;
  • The poet and art critic Alexander Crowe, who produced the frankly baffling Uncle Sandie’s page under the nom de plume Randy E Cows;
  • Joseph Burke, who contributed a marvellous Radio One Gulf War special report, credited as Jokee H. Burps;
  • Someone else whose name I have forgotten who used to do the photocopying for us after the cat did a wee on my dad’s office photocopier. Karl something. His anagram was ‘Lanky Hard’, if you want to have a go at unscrambling it. I simply can’t be bothered

The magazine went through three name changes- first Vim, then Rumpy, then Rim and ran for just five issues. Sadly, I only have the first four, which is a real shame because the artwork was a lot better by the time issue 5 came out. As well as benefiting from plenty of drawing practice, I was on the dole by then so had more time to work on it. But because I was on the dole, I soon grew too depressed to find anything much funny at all and simply stopped.

If anyone still has a copy of issue 5 (unlikely, I know) I would love to get a scan. There was a strip produced by Anthony Vianna, Zorro the Back Street Abortionist, that was possibly the best thing to ever appear in Vim Rumpy Rim.

Except all my bits, of course.

Links to the very best of Rim are here:


Neil Codling’s Glen Coinlid Easter Special is here:

[look, just type “glen coinlid” in the search box}

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