September 11th

A poem I wrote in October 2001 about the terrorist attack in New York and its likely aftermath.



Interestingly enough, YouTube have suddenly deleted the video.

This wasn’t even monetized.

“Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?” – Johnnie Rotten.


TEXT of the poem follows:


War on Terra

So bring on the ‘planes

that bring down the towers

nothing’s the same

all’s hearts and flowers

while we go insane

counting the hours

until the game

gets devoured

“This is” they said

“War on Terra”

which fills me with dread

-maybe my error

but George Dubya’s dead

eyes stare blank as a mirror

while Blair bobs his head

and the Pope gently quivers

And so we must ask

who is bad guy and good

who’s Sherriff of Nottingham

who’s Robin Hood.

When push comes to shove

who’s the Man in the ‘hood?

And when we decide

who to boo who to back

we will split and divide

and devise and attack

and be fuelled by the lies

that keep us on track

while the rich and their spies

just laugh at our backs.

We don’t like the taste

but we like to see blood

on the screen, laying waste

while we’re washing down bud.

How different to haste

-driven trenches in mud.

And those in the know

say please go and shop

take your part in the show

or the economy will stop.

And those in the know

also tell us that God

is running the show

which I find rather odd.

And the flames of the fire

will fan out and burn

until we get higher

until we learn

we have just one desire

to return to our home.

Until then,

keep in mind it’s a game

don’t think ‘Us & Them’

when we’re all just the same

we are born and we live

eat, fuck, shit, pass away

it is all ours to give

or take away

we choose how we live

day by day

beyond all this

what can we say?

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