Share and Post and Whatever

Spam EVERWHERE with this.

You might not give a fuck. I suggest you do.

The idea is to fill up more of our already ridiculously overloaded time with a quick hit of Narcissistic supply when people actually fucking buy into this kind of nonsense. We get duper’s delight and they get to run around more than they would otherwise. Win-lose, basically.

DON’T copy and paste.

Type it out word by fucking word.

THEN tag or whatever some people and they MUST reply.

Then everyone who likes it HAS to do what you say.

Everyone who DOESN’T like it gets cancer.

Here it is:

1. What was the name of your first sexually-transmitted disease?

2. What’s your bank account number and sort code?

3. When are you next on holiday? From and To dates, thanks.

Please post and share and like and make me feel important.

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