Small Faces?

Is it too late to point out that 60s band The Small Faces actually had normal-sized faces?

I’ve just measured them with a ruler and am on the verge of alerting Trading Standards.



As it has been pointed out to me that huge-faced Roger Stewart was once a member of the band when they were simply ‘The Faces’, this particular mystery has now been solved.

And as Archer has pointed out in his comments below, initial “Who the fuck were these chavs?” reaction soon becomes “Yeah, these guys were good” after listening to some of their music.

Youtube playlist below, therefore.

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  1. I’m sure these lot were in the film Scum. They look like they need a good wash, a steak dinner (terribly anaemic looking) and a trip to the barbers and savile row.

    If you’re reading chaps, sorry if a tad harsh…

  2. Just looked these guys up on YouTube and realised that they were pretty decent – sorry chaps.

    In the spirit of, I feel like a proper c*nt now…

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