Super Moon

This is the most important national holiday in Myanmar due to the full moon and boy was I excited about taking some photos of whatever they were going to get up to at four o’clock.

Little did I realise they meant 4AM which meant music at a cacophonous volume right outside my house from 3.30 until about 7 in the morning. Still unable to return to sleep at 8, had to take a valium to drop back off, only waking again at 1PM in a state of listlessness.

Anyway, there are clear skies tonight and I had my camera out to take a few snaps of the Super Moon for all you in cloud-covered and drizzly places right now.

But, checking the results, it’s not a ‘super’ moon at all.

In fact, being in my forties means my arse cheeks have gone all flabby and unpleasant.



Of course, by ‘moon’ I wasn’t exposing my arse in some childish and transparent attempt to gain comedy mileage out of the joint meaning of the word ‘moon’. And I certainly wouyldn’t ue my Sony mirrorless compact for such posterior-related tomfoolery.

In fact, I reserve such things for my iPhone and then I just use the slo-mo video function to reverse videos of turds going back into my arse, like you do.

These are strictly private at this stage, obviously, but if I can get an Arts Council grant or similar then maybe I will project them in iMax at state ceremonial events and the like.

The pic above: what it might have looked like (thanks to PhotoShop- note clouds disappearing BEHIND the fucking Moon, blur tool to the left notwithstanding…)

And below- what it actually looked like. Which was really rather meh


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