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I feel as exhausted and drained at the moment as I am sure most of the rest of you are. This US presidential thing has been ridiculous and, sorry to say to my American friends and readers, the USA is now so far beyond being a laughing stock it isn’t even funny.

The wilful refusal to engage in actual reality is the root cause of this. Most have been happy to disengage and think fuck all that shit. Here’s where you get to find out reality cannot be endlessly put off.

Washington (and I doubt many of you would identify with that anyway) is dragging the country to the precipice of the destruction of everything you hold dear.

If Hillary wins, the entire world is doomed.

If Trump wins, the USA is doomed.

As a non-partisan outsider I’d prefer the latter.

He IS deranged, clearly, but so is Hillary.

This choice of two sociopaths makes me wonder how valid the current system actually is (here’s a clue: IT ISN’T.)

I am apparently an anarchist libertarian, at least politically. I’m not that much into dogma or fixed belief systems as such and hope, whatever the result, more people wake up.

You don’t actually need ‘leaders’ if you are prepared to think for yourself and take responsibility for your own actions.

You really don’t.

The organs of government (once the Deep State gravy train has been derailed) aren’t particularly about power or control. I’ve worked inside the UK government as a minor lackey and all most civil servants are are boring and lazy arse lickers who have a cushy job and gold-plated pension.

They don’t want war.

The functions of government can be easily handled by them. There’s far too many in any case and it would be good to give them more tasks to do.

They’re not providing much value for money currently.

I won’t post anything particularly political (but, you know me right) from now on unless it’s just a piss-take.

That’s what I do here, really, plus the job I have and relationships with actual people and so on and so forth.

I feel bored and drained by all the shenanigans. I might have to take a break. Then again, I might have to wade in.

Then again, I might just write something weird, offensive or charming.

Who can possibly say?

Good luck with everything. I will be back soon.


“Any man who puts his hand on me to control me is a dictator and a tyrant and I declare him my enemy” – Proudhon

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