That’s Got to Hurt

The Hindu festival of I’m not sure what is still ongoing. Today I passed the temple where they were gathering with floats on carts.

It sounded a bit meh to be honest and I was hungry. Later on I caught up with the parade as it passed through what passes for the centre of town.

The floats were being pulled along by men via meat hooks in their backs and mouths. Ouch.

I’ve left them to it and hit the roof of the Grand Jade for a drink. They’re still down there somewhere.

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  1. Weeks of nothing have gone by in Myeik and the sudden weird shit like this happens. Generally it’s when I only have my iPhone to record it as it is so unexpected. Annoying as I bought a mirrorless compact to record the weird shit, but there we go.

    In 48 hours I will be in Bangkok and will never return to Myeik. Wish I had documented it all a lot better but, to be honest, after the first two weeks, most of it bored me to tears.

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