The Time Has Come


And so we come to the meat and two veg of the site and really the point where things truly did spiral out of control.

In 2004, my life became so bad- living in London, trudging its thankless miles- for reasons I will shortly explain, that I decided to think fuck this all and look for a job abroad.

Thanks to the One and Only Dave Sperling, I ended up trapped in South Korea for over three years.

In this time, I was arrested by immigration, deported, blacklisted, had schools go bankrupt on me, was made homeless- twice– and spent inordinate amounts of time drinking Tequila and Jaegermeister with American twentysomethings who were paying off college debts in the land of Morning Clam.

It got so I even regretted leaving London.

But hey. Onwards. Upwards. Keep smiling through.

Years later, I have become trapped as an exile from my own country and yet have lived in Korea, China, Italy, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Oman. Soon I will have enough wedge to return to Vietnam and get seriously twisted.

Like really, really deranged.

But, let’s rewind slightly to South Korea and its endless procession of American graduates going “Dood! I think I’m gonna BARF!” before doing exactly that- sometimes without even making it to the door of the classroom.

Way back before Korea was even on anybody’s register- except for the Kimchi Krunchers, deseperate to start the K-Wave- I recorded the following track which my then friend Joh- a Puerto Rican Jew for Jesus- rapped over in his shoebox apartment in Gangnam.

The repetitive “time has come” sample comes from Lyndon B Johnson’s speech to congress outlining his plans to ban the sale of LSD in the United States.

Download a copy by right-clicking here.


PS: If anyone ever comes across a Peurto Rican Messianic Jew Rapper called Joh, please tell him I finished the other track we were working on and to get in touch.

Long shot, I know.

But there can’t be many of them.

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