Update. Arse

I’ve been on a broad range of antibiotics via drips for days & something’s happening.

The itching has become unbearable. I’m told that my crease & anus is healing & itching is a good thing but I just want to scratch my tormenting arsehole. Can’t get to it though due to traction. I’ll have to get the nurse to apply lotion.

The cock & balls are also changing. The grey & blacks have faded to greens & yellows. However the weeping & swelling is still a concern.

I’ve had a catheter up my cock for days. It gets pulled out & cleaned daily which is always grim. Having a hard tube shoved deep up a sore & diseased urethra brings tears of self pity & obviously agony to my red puffy eyes.

The staff humour me constantly during examination. They’re trained liars.

A poor sod opposite me died in the middle of the night. He had a blockage in the bowels. Hadn’t taken a shit for a month before he decided to call the GP. Didn’t make the appointment as the bowels ruptured & his body filled with a months dump of rotten, festering shit. At least there’s peace here now. His constant moans were annoying everyone. Selfish cunt.

There was talk of maggot therapy. God willing I’ll beat that ordeal. The thought of 1000 maggots thrown onto my parts to feed on the infection justifiably worried me. It’s medieval. I had night terrors. Giant grinning maggots consuming my cock. Burrowing inside me via the japeye & it all going horrifically wrong. Maggots finding their way to my nuts in their hoards & devouring me. Bollock first. I’d wake in fever. Crying & wailing like a newborn.

Oh well. The meds trolley is coming now. Best start the moaning as I need some pity potent pain pills & tranqs. Maggots, cadaver flaps & death rattles.

I’m gonna get wasted. Torture.

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1 Comment

  1. A suggestion for the title: Arse, feck, girls, drink…

    I would say it’s good to hear you’re on the mend, but it doesn’t sound that way just yet… are you sure it was only bleach wipes? Sounds more like you wiped with loo roll soaked in battery acid (heaven forbid!).

    Don’t worry about the maggots – they only go for the bad flesh and leave the good alone as I understand, so you’ll be grand!

    Here’s to getting wasted – Cheers!

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