What If

Sex FiendNocturnal Sex Fiend writes:

What if you picked up a beautiful girl, the girl of your dreams & after a few pints of mild down The Scab you get to fuck her?

All’s going well as per the Lord’s design manual  and suddenly whilst your pounding her from behind like a dog and with great force, your nuts flapping about slapping her clit in that surreal place we all go to whilst screwing, a log of excrement plops out of her perfect sheriff’s badge bleached spot free arsehole.

A big family size Cadburys Flake moist lump.

Would you pretend it didn’t happen & carry on or would you be a gentleman & get down there & eat all the shit & lick it all clean?

Getting right into the rim with your tongue respectfully moaning with bogus pleasure.

Telling her her shit tastes as good as her dank squelchy pussy mucus.

After you’ve ejaculated in her mouth would you ask for a breath mint & shower or would you dress, shake hands, exchange numbers & catch the bus? The stench lingering due to faeces in your nose, teeth & hair. Not to mention your genitals plastered in now dry turd.



Well, thanks for that, Nocturnal Sex Fiend. I hope nobody was having their dinner when reading it.

But it’s a good question and one that I’m sure will linger in the minds of site visitors for a very long time.



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