Wizards and Lizards

A slightly rough short film I made to go with my poem Wizards and Lizards. Hope you appreciate it. (I’m not sure ‘like’ is the right word for such a sour piece, really!)

\              /
\     /
wizards and lizards
are getting me gizzard
big business buzzards
been taking the biscuit
with secret services
and esoteric substances
serving military industrial purposes
shadowy figures
instilling nervousness
pop another Prozac
contain your complexes
you are free
to be blown up to bits by the terrorists
keep taking the tablets
keep shaking the crucifix
these pyramid schemes
utopian dreams
secret societies
setting the scene
with both sides of the game
pretty much the same
thesis antithesis
synthetic and framed
Hegelian dialectic
goes on in your brain
look it up in Google
if you don’t know what I’m saying
drugged up and date raped
a dab hand with ductape
I sit in my shelter
I shiver and shake
an average Joe
on the narrow and straight
caught up in the jaws
and the laws of the state
peddling their poison
piddling their hate
come friendly bomb
burn this planet of apes


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